Aromatherapy products

You can purchase high quality aromatherapy products: essential oils, vegetable oils and hydrolats (floral water) at Green Moon Aromatherapy.

I use carefully selected suppliers which comply to high quality controls and corporate sustainability criteria.

The available stock constantly varies, so please contact me for the updated price list.

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Essential oils

For therapeutic usage, essential oils must meet strict quality criteria: cultivation methods, certified plant species, geographical origin, method of extraction and quality control. The essential oils sold at my practice meet all these criteria.

You can purchase the following essential oils: angelica, exotic basil, rosewood, roman chamomile, cardamom, cedar tree, cistus, lemon, elemi, black spruce, eucalyptus citriodora, eucalyptus radiata, fragonia, geranium, ginger, lavender (from Provence), marjoram, peppermint, orange, palmarosa, petit grain, ravinstara, rosemary, silver fir, muscatel salvia, tea tree, thyme (thujanol) and ylang ylang.

Vegetable oils

The vegetable oils sold at my practice are organic, cold pressed and 100% natural.

You can purchase: argan, jojoba, macadamia, hazelnut, wheat, rose, castor and apricot oils.

Hydrolats (floral water)

Hydrolats need to comply to the same quality control as essential oils . Those sold at my practice meet all these criteria.

You can purchase: cornflower, lavender, rose and sage hydrolats.

Other products

Empty dark glass bottles for mixing your own oil blends, blank labels, aromastick inhalators and Gua Sha stones are also available for purchase.