About Marie

My name is Marie Moulinou

and I am a certified aromatherapist and lymphatic massage therapist. I’m originally from France, where aromatherapy is a common and popular alternative medicine. I spent almost a decade in the UK and have been happily settled in Malmö, Sweden, since 2009. 

I worked within International Sales for 20 years. In parallel I discovered essential oils and aromatherapy. I read a lot of books and my collection of essential oils slowly grew. Since then I’ve used aromatherapy for myself, my children, family members, friends and colleagues. I was blown away by the power of essential oils, their efficiency without any side effects. Aromatherapy also matched my wish to use natural products, live a more conscious life and my beliefs in the power of self-healing.

in 2020 I started suffering from uterine fibroids which although not dangerous and common, especially in women my age, were affecting my life negatively. I consulted a gynecologist which offered very little help except for prescribing a hormonal coil which I refused ( I didn’t to have synthetic hormones in my body). So I started researching a lot about the cause of fibroids and how to reduce them. I used a mix of essential oils, natural supplement, herbal teas and a small diet change. After three months, I noticed a reduction in my symptoms which disappeared a few months later.

I decided to study aromatherapy to improve my knowledge and be able to help people, especially women with feminine issues. In 2022 I got my diploma in medicinal aromatherapy. Shortly after, I created Green Moon Aromatherapy. In 2023 I became a certified lymphatic massage therapist (for both body and face). That same year, I decided to follow my heart, leave my corporate carrier behind to work full time as an aromatherapist and lymphatic massage therapist.

Languages have always been another passion of mine and I’m happy to welcome my clients in French, English or Swedish. Discovering new countries, culture and food make me happy. When I’m not busy reading about aromatherapy, I like to spend time with my family and friends, draw, practice yoga, drink tea, walk by the sea and make my own skincare products. Women’s health, children welfare and sustainability are causes that are important to me. Spirituality has an important place in both my private life and practice of aromatherapy

My mission is to empower women to regain well-being inside-out and connect to their feminine power.



🌿Freedom 🌿Creativity

🌿Authenticity 🌿Transmission 🌿Intuition

There is an incredible healing power within plants, particularly essential oils. Unlike modern medicine, they do not have side effects. They treat the whole individual: body, mind and soul at the same time.

My credentials

🌿 2002-2022 – Bachelor in Business and Languages (France), Master in European Business (UK) and career in International Sales (UK & Sweden).
🌿 2010 – Discovery of essential oils and study aromatherapy books which have changed the way I view medicine, the human body and mind.
🌿 Jan 2022 – Diploma in Aromatherapy from Ayni Akademi (Ingarö, Sweden).
🌿 April 2022 – Started Green Moon Aromatherapy as a part-time hobby (Malmö, Sweden).

🌿 February & June – Certified Gua Sha and face cupping massage therapist
& Certified Lymphatic Massage Therapist from Studio Frid Hälsoutbildningar (Malmö, Sweden).
🌿 June 2023 – Certified Therapist from Nordisk Näringscenter (Bagarmossen, Sweden).
🌿 August 2023 – Member of Kroppsterapeuterna.
🌿 September 2023 – working full time as an aromatherapist at Green Moon Aromatherapy (Malmö, Sweden).