Events & workshops

I offer workshops, courses, circles (both in person or online) and e-books on how to use aromatherapy, women’s health, skincare and much more!

🌿 Aromatherapy – how to use aromatherapy in your everyday life for yourself and your family for common issues: colds, stress, insomnia, skin issues, fatigue, migraine, etc.

🌿 Women’s health – aromatherapy and natural lifestyle tips can help you live in sink with your cycle or with pre-menopause/menopause, how to get support for dealing with feminine issues (endometriosis, cyst, urinary infection, fibrom, etc) & how to get in touch with your feminine energy.

🌿 Natural skincare & face massaage with Gua Sha- aromatherapy and natural lifestyle tips can help you have a healthy & glowing skin at any age. Complete tutorial on how to use Gua Sha at home.

🌿 Olfactory meditation circle – We focus on a specific high vibration essential oil. We first go through the medicinal and energetic properties of the plant followed by a guide meditation with the the essential oil fragrance. This is a unique experience to allows us, via the powerful message of the aromatic plant, to find balance and well-being; the link between our body, heart and mind and soul.

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