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Green Moon Aromatherapy offers unique treatments based on the different massage techniques (aromatherapy massage, lymphatic massage, acupressure and traditional Swedish massage) as well as the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Each treatment will be adapted to you, according to your needs and wishes. The products used in the treatments are 100% natural and of the highest quality.

Friskvårdsbidrag is accepted.

Aromatherapy consultation

A consultation with a certified aromatherapist for anyone suffering from physical, emotional or energetic imbalance.

First consultation
45 min – 425 kr

Follow-up consultation
30 min – 385 kr

Aromatherapy massage

A holistic treatment using specific massage techniques and essential oils individually selected according to your needs for therapeutic purposes. This relaxing massage affects the muscles, lymph, hormonal and nervous system to reduce stress, inflammation and create inner balance.

Full body & face
90 min – 890 kr

Full body
60 min – 675 kr

More options available

Aromatherapy massage for sport related issues

A holistic treatment for people experiencing sports related pains using specific massage techniques and essential oils that have specific healing properties for muscles, joints and tendons issues.

Full body (60 min) 675 kr

Targeted area (30 min) 385 kr

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage is used to drain build-up of lymphatic fluid and clears toxins from your body. This treatment can benefit people who have excess fluid, swelling in their body, mental fog, fatigue, suffer from regular colds/infections, stress, or dry skin/eczema.

90 min – 890 kr
60 min – 675 kr

More options available

Facial lymphatic massage with Gua Sha and facial cupping

A relaxing and soft massage used to drain build-up of lymphatic fluid within your face which clears toxins from your skin, using hand massage, Gua Sha and facial cupping. This treatment can help people who have swelling in their face, fatigue, stress, migraine, signs of ageing or just want a lifted and glowing face.

45 min – 525 kr

Neck, shoulder & back massage

A relaxing 30-minute neck, shoulder and back massage. This massage is great for tired and tight neck, back pain, tension or for general well-being and relaxation.

30 min – 385 kr

Child/Teen massage

A soft and relaxing massage specifically targeted for youngsters who need help with emotional issues (stress, anger, anxiety), concentration problems and body aches.

30 min – 385 kr

Pregnancy massage

A soothing and relaxing massage specifically adapted for pregnant women. The massage will be carried on according to your needs and preferred positions on the massage table and using organic vegetable massage oils.

60 min – 675 kr

Pampered Mamma treatment

A unique relaxing and soothing treatment specifically targeted at all the busy moms who need time for themselves and disconnect from the everyday life. This will leave you relaxed and balanced from heal to toe.

60 min – 675 kr

Divine Feminine treatment

A holistic treatment to help all women reconnect and embrace their feminine energy thanks to massage techniques and essential oils which have therapeutic properties. Their fragrance will awake your femininity and help you find inner balance and power.

6o min – 675 kr

Wise Woman treatment

A unique treatment aimed at women going through the pre-menopause and menopause. This is an important life phase for women which often comes with symptoms due to hormonal changes and a slower lymphatic system.

60 min – 675 kr

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