Behind the logo…

A logo is never created randomly

This logo made of four elements which all have a specific meaning.

The aromatic plants

As part of my toolbox, plants have a very important role. Aromatherapy and plant wisdom.

I use them mostly in their essential oil form, but also as vegetable oils, hydrolats, dried for herbal teas, as supplements, tincture, etc.

The hands

My other tool is my hands. The power of touch is greater than we think.

I use my hands with the different massage techniques that I learned (aroma, lymphatic, classic, acupressure, etc) but also as a vessel to my intention and the energy put into each treatment.

The Moon

The moon is the ultimate feminine symbol in its power, mystery and cyclical energies. It also represents the invisible, our subconscious and our intuition,


I believe there is magic everywhere. In the power of touch, of plant wisdom, of the body’s inner ability to heal and in the feminine energy.

The logo and its four elements mirror my tools and my mission.