What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a holistic complementary medicine using essential oils to heal and balance all the aspects of the individual: physical, mental, emotional and energetic. 

Aromatherapy can be used as prevention or as a treatment and can work on a very wide range of issues.

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What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are the concentrated power of plants, obtained via different techniques, the most common one being steam distillation. Each essential oil is made up of around one hundred active aromatic molecules that have powerful healing properties.

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How do essential oils work?

Essential oils are primarily absorbed through inhalation (via the nose) or absorption (via the skin) and then go into the bloodstream. They are then able to have an effect on the body through several systems (respiratory, circulatory, nervous, etc) and create a faster result than taking a pill (and without the side effects). The most common application methods are:


How can essential oils/aromatherapy help me?

Essential oils have many benefits on the physical body, mind and emotions.

They can help with many symptoms, such as:

🌿 Emotional issues: stress, insomnia, burn out, anxiety, depression, fatigue, grounding, letting go, self-confidence, grieving, …

🌿 Skin problems: acne, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, scars. …

🌿 Women health: periods (painful/irregular/heavy), PMS, cysts, pre-menopuase, menopause, fibroid, endometriosis, as well as helping women connect to their sacred femininity.

🌿 Lymphatic and circulatory problems

🌿 Digestive issues: difficult digestion, constipation, bloating, gastric acidity, IBS…

🌿 Joint/muscle pain and inflammation: osteoarthritis, migraine, sciatica, tendinitis, neck pains, cramps, sports injuries, …

🌿 AllergiesENT problems (bronchitis, throat infections, rhinitis…) , viruses (herpes …) , bacteriaweak immune system

🌿 Skincare and haircare

🌿 Chakra balancing

Aromatherapy is a very good complement to traditional medicine.

How can I choose good quality essential oils?

There are a lot of manufacturers on the market and it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Many aspects affect the quality of essential oils (their chemical composition and energetic vibration) such as the geographical origin, cultivation method, distillation process, etc, so choosing premium essential oils is very important. The oil must be 100% pure and natural. As a general rule, the label should show the common name, Latin name, geographical origin and which part of the plant was distilled (leaf, root, …).

Do you sell essential oils?

Yes. I work with different essential oils manufacturers which comply to quality and ethical standards.
The essential oils used in my treatments and sold at my practice are of the highest therapeutic quality. Please contact me for the price list and stock availability.

How can I store essential oils?

Essential oils are sensitive to daylight, which modifies their biochemical structure and
thus their benefits. They are also highly volatile so if the bottle is not well
sealed, their molecules (thus their potency) will decrease.

They can be easily stored this way to be able to keep your essential oils for years:

🌿 in dark glass bottles
🌿 away from sunlight
🌿 in a cool place (but not in the fridge!)
🌿 always make sure the cap is well sealed

Important: keep out of reach of children.

Are essential oils safe to use?

Yes, when used in the correct way. Note however that even though essential oils are natural, they are active and powerful substances. They can become toxic if used incorrectly, too often, or in too large quantity.  Always ask a professional aromatherapist for advice in order to use them in the best possible and safe way. Never increase the recommended dose, frequency and duration.


🌿 Pregnant/breastfeeding women and children can use aromatherapy under
certain conditions. Some essential oils are strictly forbidden.
🌿 Some essential oils are forbidden if you suffer from epilepsy, asthma,
hypo- or hyperthyroidism, if you take a blood thinner or have had hormonal
🌿 Always wash your hands after applying essential oils.
🌿 Keep essential oils out of the reach of children.
🌿 Never insert pure essential oils into your nose, ear canal, or
genitals. Never put essential oil in your eyes.
🌿 In the event of accidental ingestion or irritated skin, ingest or apply
a vegetable oil (like olive oil) to dilute the essential oil then contact a
poison control center.

Do you do raindrop massages?

No, I am against this practice. Raindrop massages are dangerous, unnecessary, and only created and driven for profit. You can read more information here, but to summarise they are:

Dangerous for the body because of the very large quantity and type of essential oils used undiluted directly onto the skin.

Unethical: false claim of miraculous effects and not created nor carried out by certified aromatherapists.

Discredited by the aromatherapy industry and respectable aromatherapists because they go against the principles and ethics of aromatherapy.

They are only driven by profit from two gigantic essential oils producers with questionable ethics and business models.

I carry out aromatherapy massages which are safe, ethical and have therapeutic effects.

Why do I have to fill out a client form?

As written above, essential oils have active powerful molecules, some of them having counter indication on some conditions. It is important for me to know your health background and current situation, in order to choose the best essential oils for you. If you are having a lymphatic massage, it is also important for me know which areas to focus more on.

You only have to fill out the form once, in advance, at the latest 24 hours before your appointment. During the first appointment, we will go through it (this is why you need to allow 15 min extra) and on the next appointments, we will take 5 min to assess your current situation.

I follow the Swedish Patient Law, which means your health form, any annotation from me and discussions during the treatment are strictly confidential.

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