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Chakra balancing – Olfactory meditation
5th May 2024 – 17.30-19.00 – Malmö

🤩 I’m really happy to share there will be another olfactory meditation workshop in May!

💛 This time we will focus on solar plexus chakra with three powerful essential oils!

🧘‍♀️ Olfactory meditation is a guided meditation based around high-vibration essential oils. By being in a meditative state and smelling the fragrance of an essential oil, we can tap into the vibration and information from the plant without any mental barriers.

🧿 During this immersive session, we’ll explore the powerful connection between scent and inner balance, focusing specifically on the solar plexus energy center known as the third chakra. This chakra, associated with self-esteem, personal identity and sense of purpose, plays a vital role in our overall harmony.

✨ Whether you’re seeking to enhance self-esteem, get insights into your purpose, or simply find greater emotional balance, this event offers a unique opportunity to connect with plant wisdom and align with your inner essence.

🌸 No prior meditation experience nor knowledge of essential oils & chakra is required – just an open heart and a willingness to explore!

🌿 Dive into a transformative experience with this upcoming session! Here’s what’s in store:
– Three soothing olfactory meditations to center your mind.
– Discover three powerful essential oils to align with your third chakra.
– Gain profound insights into how the third chakra influences your life.
– Learn effective techniques to harmonize and nurture this vital energy center.
– Engage in reflective discussions within a supportive group.

🤩 Unlock the benefits:
– Experience profound relaxation and well-being.
– Gain deeper insights into your authentic self.
– Achieve chakra balance for enhanced vitality.
– Release emotional and energetic blocks.

🗓️ Date: Sunday 5th May
⏱️ Time: 17.30-19.00
🏡 Location: Soulgarden & Soulharmony, Stora Nygatan 38, 211 37 Malmö

⚖️ Price: 250 SEK
Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot today! To register, click on here

🔍 For questions reach out via email (greenmoon.aromatherapy@gmail.com) or phone: 0735019599.

See you there 🩷