Feminine Harmony

This program is for you if you:

  • Experience women’s health issues such as PMS, period pain, endometriosis.
  • Seek to reconnect with your feminine essence and intimate nature.
  • Are going through an important life event: breakup, grief, career or personal life changes, etc.

This unique holistic program addresses both physical and emotional well-being to achieve:

  • Reduced physical pain and discomfort due to women’s health issues.
  • Re-connection with your body to have more self-confidence.
  • Insight into your inner feminine energy to honor your daily needs and prevent fatigue.
  • Emotional balance, reduced stress and empowerment to go after your dreams.

So you can fully embrace your unique power.

What to expect:

  • Initial consultation to determine together your specific goals and plan based you’re your needs and goals. You will then receive your program plan by email.
  • Aromatherapy and herbal medicine advice to improve your physical and emotional symptoms.
  • Olfactory guidances to calm your nervous system, tap into your inner self and release blocks.
  • Your own aroma blend after each session to carry on the process at home between appointments.
  • Massages for general well-being, to relax tired/sore muscles, increase the lymphatic and circulatory flow and boost energy.
    • Aromatherapy massageLymphatic massage
    • Facial massage with Gua Sha & cupping

On your first visit we will go through a questionnaire (you will receive the link in the booking confirmation) to allow me to understand your situation, symptoms and needs. After the discussion and follow up questions, I will have a selection of therapeutic essential oils based on your needs for you to choose from. After a 10 min olfactory guidance, you will go home with your own aroma inhalator stick so you can carry the work in between each session. We will determine the program plan for the next sessions. With each session, we go deeper and deeper to make sure achieve your transformation.

Consultations and treatments are always carried out with kindness, respect, attentiveness, and authenticity. You will be welcome in a safe and relaxing place. Confidentiality is a key principle on which my practice is based upon.


First consultation – 75 min 695 kr (worth 995 kr)
Includes 75 minutes consultation with olfactory guidance and your own aroma blend to take home.

You can chose between:

Pack of 4 sessions
4 x 60 min 2 500 kr (you save 280 kr) – valid for 3 months

Pack of 8 sessions
8 x 60 min 5 000 kr (you save 560 kr) – valid for 6 months

Friskvårdsbidrag is accepted. Click here for friskvårdsbidragspaket