Past events

Olfactory meditation (Cedar tree)
4th October 2023 – 18.30-19.30

At Soulharmony & Soulgarden
Stora Nygatan 38, Malmö, Sweden

✨ Welcome to the unique experience of olfactory meditation ✨

Olfactory meditation is guided meditation based around a high-quality and high-vibration essential oil. It is a magical experience which allows us, via the powerful messages of the aromatic plant, to connect with our whole self. A link between our body, heart and soul.

Being in a meditative state and smelling the fragrance of an oil, we can access the vibration and information from the plant without any mental blocks. It is a very individual journey, depending on how you currently are. We get to feel what we need to let go or where to head for example. We get a new sense of balance and energy.

🌿Essential oil
We will focus on a different essential oil every time and this week will be Cedar. Cedar is an old sacred tree and its oil has high vibration and energetic properties such as grounding, strength, transformation, self-confidence… It has a beautiful deep and woody fragrance.

What to expect:
✨ We will go through the medicinal and energetic property of the plant.
✨ I will carry out a guided meditation. Under the meditation you will have a sample of the essential oil and will smell and breath in the essences of the plant. The meditation can be done sitting or laying down.
✨ Finally there will be some time for you to write down what came through you under the meditation and the possibility to share and discuss with the group. You are welcome to bring pen and paper to write down your thoughts afterwards.
You do not need any previous experience, just come with an open mind and the will to explore a new way to meditate and connect to yourself.