Aromatherapy Massage for sports related issues

What to expect

A holistic treatment for people experiencing sports related pains using specific massage techniques and essential oils. Essential oils have powerful therapeutic properties which are both inhaled and absorbed through the skin. I will have a selection of essential oils that have specific healing properties for muscles, joints and tendons issues.

On your first visit, we will go through a health questionnaire and talk about the factors that can affect your well-being. This will allow me to suggest the most appropriate oils for your current situation.

Please note, this is not a deep tissue massage.

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Benefits of the treatment

🌿Reduces stress whilst re-energising
🌿Soothes aches and pains
🌿 Reduces inflammation
🌿 Restores general well-being

Consultations and treatments are always carried out with kindness, respect, attentiveness, and authenticity. You will be welcome in a safe and relaxing place. Confidentiality is a key principle on which my practice is based upon.


Full body (60 min) 695 kr
First visit (85 min) same price

Targeted area (30 min) 495 kr
First visit (45 min) same price

Packs for 60 min treatments
3 x 60 min 1 900 kr – valid 6 months
5 x 60 min 3 100 kr – valid 12 months

Packs for 30 min treatment
3 x 30 min 1 350 kr – valid 6 months
5 x 30 min 2 200 kr – valid 12 months

Friskvårdsbidrag is acceptedClick here for friskvårdsbidragspaket.