Sunday 7/4 – Olfactory meditation – Malmö

⭐️ Welcome to the unique experience of olfactory meditation!

🌿 Olfactory meditation is guided meditation based around a high-vibration essential oil. It is a magical experience enabling us to connect with our whole being through the profound messages of plants, linking our body, heart, and soul. Throughout the session, we will explore various high-vibration essential oils renowned for their grounding effects on the 1st chakra.

By being in a meditative state and smelling the fragrance of an essential oil, we can tap into the vibration and information from the plant without any mental barriers. This personal experience can lead to:

✨ Increased self-awareness: Identifying areas for growth and unlocking your inner potential so you experience more wellness and energy.
✨ Intuition enhancement: Strengthening your connection to your inner self and receiving powerful internal guidance so you make more empowered decisions.
✨ Emotional well-being: Developing skills on how to manage stress, anxiety, and emotional imbalances naturally.
✨ Physical health support: Exploring essential oils that target specific concerns like sleep problems or hormonal imbalances.
✨ Connection to plants’ wisdom: Learning from plants and integrating their healing properties into your daily life.

🔑 What to expect:
* What is aromatherapy, energetic aromatherapy and olfactory meditation
* Guided olfactory meditation
* Time for discussion / take away
* Medicinal properties of the plants and their psychological and emotional benefits

📗 Feel free bring pen and paper to write down your thoughts afterwards.

No prior experience is necessary, just approach the session with an open mind and a willingness to discover a new path to meditation and self-connection.

🗓️ Price and inscriptions:
Limited spots available for 10 participants.
To register, reach out via email ( or phone: 0735019599.