Corporate massage

What to expect

Office massage services for the employees of companies based in Malmö.

This is a programme-based service that can happen on any frequency that makes sense for the size of your company (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly). This will be set up with a schedule so employees know when they’ll be getting their massage.

The massage is provided on a portable massage table which I will bring as well as all the necessary equipment.

Benefits of corporate massage

🌿 General improvement of employees’ wellness
🌿 Reduces stress levels
🌿 Increases concentration
🌿 Improves efficiency
🌿 Fewer repetitive strain injuries
🌿 Improves employee retention
🌿 Decreases sick-leave

Consultations and treatments are always carried out with kindness, respect, attentiveness, and authenticity. You will be welcome in a safe and relaxing place. Confidentiality is a key principle on which my practice is based upon.

Payment options

Payment can be done via:
🌿 the company
🌿 employees via friskvårdbidrag or salary deduction
🌿 or the company & employees share the costs

Please contact me for more information or a quote based on:
🌿 company size
🌿 preferred frequency
🌿 massage type/time